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Writing Samples

Product description: Lokomat

For patients recovering from spinal cord injury and the physical therapists who treat them, the Lokomat, is a vital tool in the ever-evolving field of robotic assisted therapy. Utilizing a system of robotically operated mechanical legs, ropes, a body harness and treadmill, the Lokomat helps to retrain the brain by repeating a pattern of motion to stimulate the nervous system. Ideally, with intensive practice, the undamaged nerve circuitry will compensate for the missing performance of the damaged nerves.  

The Lokomat also provides real time feedback to the overseeing therapist. Force transducers relay the data of the patient’s activity to the operator to allow for adjustment of the level of gait assistance. It can measure range of motion in the hip and knee, stiffness, and isometric force generated by the patient. All this allows therapists to tailor rehabilitation to suit specific patient needs.


Summary of Services: J Minor Lawns

Jack Minor has been providing quality lawn mowing services to the south Austin area since the mid 90s. He operates with a small crew of qualified lawn care experts to provide the best experience for his customers.

We offer regular lawn maintenance that includes mowing and edging. And we always clean up clippings and debris with leaf-blowers and mulch excess grass to keep the grass fertile and strong.

Other services offered include: hedge and tree trimming, gutter and roof cleaning, leaf blowing and cleanup, brush removal, fence construction, deck building, shed building...and ask us about other outdoor cleanup or construction projects you need done and we'll let you know what we can do for you.



 ooh whirly do by Antonio A. Gloriaooh whirly do by Antonio A. Gloria

 Looking Left by Antonio A. GloriaLooking Left by Antonio A. Gloria


Measuring Gravitational Waves by Antonio A. GloriaMeasuring Gravitational Waves by Antonio A. Gloria

Sea Creatures by Antonio A GloriaSea Creatures by Antonio A Gloria


 Fear not the Dark by Antonio A. GloriaFear not the Dark by Antonio A. Gloria

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