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Little Vignettes: 


Die Zeit auf den Grund by Antonio A. Gloria

April wasn't the one who spiked the punch but it was her idea. Because those assholes were being assholes and she wanted to shut them up and trip them out. "They're being jerks,” she said to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend laughed at the idea because he thought she wasn't serious but when she started he just went along with it since it wasn't all too harmful.

In any case, April found herself parking someone else's car outside the convenient store down the road. The lights drew out long and glistened and she began to realize that she too was tripping.

She stepped out of her car surprised that she was not as cold as she expected. But she still watched her breath as she exhaled. It was actually freezing. Just short of there being ice on the road. She did however feel the nibble of the cold on her ears. 

She went inside.

Inside seemed way too big to be a convenient store. An empty no clerk sort of place. 

The door to the back room was still moving. Someone was fleeing the scene. Something had just happened. And then she was standing over a cowering clerk in the room in the back. In front of all the boxes. ‘It's way too big back here too.’ 

April was saying "Also also also", auf Duetsch sie sangen, "was machen wir tun?" Standing over the clerk. The clerk is afraid of something. April wonders whether or not she has a weapon. It doesn't look like it but why is the clerk afraid? 

Just disrupted. Can't focus anymore. 

She's hiding behind some stalls or a dressing room, the clerk. Always cowering. Never in a moving position. Always fixed. 

April knows that she's there but always leaves him alone. Leaves her alone. Decides not to follow up on her dangerous actions. Leaves this person unmoved. 

She doesn't remember taking the money but was somewhere near the register and took what she wanted to take. A newly formed patron greets her as she leaves. She leaves without anything in her hands. April gives him a rude look and as she passes she exams the man as a strangely uncertain corporeal form. 

The cold doesn't feel cold. There goes a motorcycle. April gets back into her car. She peels out going back and then stops quickly and then she drives right. 

At the exit to the gas station, going out to the roadway came barreling down a large work truck. It stopped short of hitting her and turned into the gas station. 

The music was on and upbeat. From the beginning it keeps ringing. Tempoed Up. Lifted. Not depressed. April turns up the volume making a left turn entrance on the roadway. 

Song: We we we we we we we we we we we we we focus on our lives (woman singing kinda slow)


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