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Not a much known here for us to be able to take from. Enough to know to make machines to make the work the easier to do for you do ya for. Its in endevours to continue to see what had been, is been, bein’ created to from for and far a far a ways away right as its approached it appeared and preferred and deferred then again for the next and the next and the next. Real time. Living things. Measured in distances through dimensions. One the other One the other All together One the other. Picked out patterns the things making themselves of things they find. Life like organisms becoming living. Like the act of willing. In a weird twist it becomes self aware. Apparently separate. An individual but really a piece of a whole of something. More connected to everything. Tools are always tools. Changing ways of thinking changes tools and changing ways of thinking change again and so on with the tools and alternating perspectives. Twisted strips of metal digging into the Earth.

It's a free form exercise, by Antonio A. Gloria (05.03.2015)

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