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Beasts in Dark Shapes        Antonio A. Gloria(03.22.2015)

There are those things that you see when you’re still awake but you have already fallen asleep. Those faces and features that don’t make sense, but those things, so alien, still look into you with familiarity. Very unsettling.

The images in your head that make you think that you're actually going crazy. And they're in no way external. Except for the occasional light trick and eye floater. These demons are usually seeded from pains in the brain. Stress induced.

Isolation seems to add to it too. Being distracted by the inner workings of your mind all the time is not a good idea if you wish to avoid the scary sights. Too many irrational acts for rational animals to understand. Panic attacks.

The worrying effect of your actions toward others. Your wrongdoings put to an already heavily weighted down soul. And this just exacerbates the feeling of a groundless, though not a pointless existence. Sans nihilism.

And always a saving grace. Grace is that thing that keeps you from giving into the fear of the beasts. It’s intangible, grace, like them, the beasts, so they, the beasts and grace, cannot combat each other. That’s your job. Create meaning.

From what exists.  

Beasts in Dark Shapes by Antonio A. Gloria (03.19.2015)Beasts in Dark Shapes by Antonio A. Gloria (03.19.2015)

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