I am Antonio A. Gloria. Irregularsnd is my moniker online and it’s where I showcase my work. Irl I’m a father, husband, son, brother, friend, etc. I describe my art as “abstract visual poetry” because I feel that when I draw, the visuals come from poetry and poetry comes from what I can see from what I drew.

Currently, I am diving into the digital world, exploring nft’s and learning how to tokenize my art. My goal is to interact with this emerging artworld and meet and learn from and collaborate with other creative people who are extending the bounds of this new medium.

Below are a few pieces that I’m considering putting up on an nft exchange. If any stand out to you and you’d like me to put them up please let me know. I’d love some feedback.

Escapes Traversing Scapes is an explorer traveling through dimensions.
Escapes Traversing Scapes


Here we find a kosmonaut studying something in a new world. 



a creature




before you can process you’re gone




-un (self portrait)
my ugly mug


My son saw this image and asked why I look so mean. I just can’t help it I guess. 





If you’d like to contact me you can email me at antonio.a.gloria@gmail.com or reach out on twitter, instagram and/or clubhouse.

Also, find my writings on irregularsnd.medium.com.